Project Management

The DMC Team plans and organises specific projects to enable completion within the defined scope of works, with quality assurance, realistic time frames, and budget cost constraints all agreed with the client.

Our Project Management & Planning includes:

  • Defining the project goals and/or objectives by understanding the clients business processes and requirements
  • Providing cost controls and budget estimates and feasibility studies
  • Chairing project design coordination meetings
  • Specification of precise tasks using Gantt charts and critical path timelines to achieve specified completion dates
  • Managing all secondary consultants involved in the project
  • Assisting in all resource consent applications & building consent application
  • Coordinating site construction contracts and contract administration
  • Providing the client with progress reports
  • Managing construction cost controls and progress claims
  • Providing construction review services

Structural Engineering

DMC specialises in the field of structural engineering design utilising design techniques and construction experience to develop structural solutions that minimise construction programme whilst providing cost effective construction developed over many years experience in construction technique.
Structural design criteria include systems to resist seismic loads, wind speeds, impact loading, fire safety, geotechnical constraints and sustainability.

Structural design conforms in all respects to the requirements of the building codes of the country where the project is located.

Quality structural design plays an essential role in the impact of safety and reliability for individuals and our environment.

Civil Engineering

SBCC undertake civil engineering design associated with land development, road carriageways, bridges, walkways, tracks, public viewing platforms, retaining walls, wastewater and stormwater management, and geotechnical engineering.

The civil design blends with the demands of both the structural design and the architectural design of each project undertaken. This early appreciation of the future requirements of each project enables the design phase to be honed directly on solving issues critical to efficient completion of the project.

Industrial & Commercial Architecture

The team at SBCC are experienced in the art and science of integration of building design architecture with structures.
Our unique professional capacity to blend the structural feasibility aspect of design of engineering, with the artistic visual appeal of architecture into one functional component in the industrial and commercial building industry.

SBCC design is based on ‘the fusion of engineering and architecture’.

SBCC specialises in the architectural design of many types of functional buildings covering a wide range of activities from food processing, industrial manufacturing & processing, logistics, commercial and church buildings. Each project starts with consideration of options for materials and finishes to create a result that enhances longevity, sustainability, energy efficiency and cost effective solutions.

Design & Draughting Services

SBCC continues to utilise all available technology and innovative ideas to enhance the consulting services provided to clients.

The latest technology includes computer software that enables architectural 3-Dimensional capabilities to provide photorealistic model images, to assist visualisation of the completed project and interior design features prior to commencing construction. This enables both the design team and the client to perfect the visibly desired outcome whilst enabling the structural components to be fit for purpose.

Contract Administration

SBCC acts as an independent representative to administer the contract between the client and the contractor(s) undertaking the project.

Services provided to the principal (the client) include:

  • Obtaining contract tenders
  • Project contract formations
  • Project contract negotiations
  • Project construction QA monitoring
  • Project contract administration and progress payment certification
  • Project contract dispute resolution

As such, contract administration constitutes that primary part of the procurement process that assures the principal gets what was paid for in its entirety

Fire Design

SBCC provides clients with the safe and cost-effective fire strategies and materials incorporated into the design process to maximise safety and asset retention.

Feasibility Studies

SBCC will provide a detailed investigation into the viability of a project and the issues to be resolved through the design and construction process.

This service includes:

  • Analysis of factors that influence the project
  • Investigation of the alternative locations for the project
  • Assessment of the geotechnical effects
  • Assessment of availability of services
  • Bulk and location planning considerations
  • Appraisal of the type of structure best suited to the preferred site
  • Evaluation of consents and resources required to complete the project
  • Assessment of the project costs and funding availability

Combining all factors will provide a clear overview of the most cost effective and risk averse solution for the project.

Resource Consent

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), together with regional policies and plans, provide rules and guidelines for sustainable resource management. These rules and controls are lengthy yet of major importance should a project affect the regions natural and physical resources of our coasts, water, soil or air.

By understanding the requirements of the Resource Management Act and the Local Authority processes, SBCC are able to manage the project resource consent process for a positive outcome for all concerned.